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Welcome to our lab!


     We are a focused research group within the Department of Poultry and Aquaculture, in the Agricultural Research Organization-Volcani Center, Israel. We are interested in understanding how hormonal systems function to regulate the physiology of fishes.


Hybrid bass fertilized eggs


Our Aim

    As wild fish stocks are dwindling, aquaculture is increasingly relied upon to supply the growing world demand for fish. However, aquaculture operations are largely impeded by our limited understanding of the physiology of farmed fish species. We study the endocrine systems that control many important production traits, including development, growth, metabolism, behavior and reproduction.

    Our aim is to generate knowledge and develop technologies that will improve performance of aquaculture operations, monitor and alleviate environmental endocrine disruption and shed light on the evolution of endocrine function in vertebrates.



Dr. Matan Golan discussed in his recent work how the migration of GnRH neurons from the nose into the brain depends upon synaptic cell-cell communication. 

Watch Sci-Talk for the full story ...


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